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Glossary of Terms

Coffee tastes like, well lets face it, coffee tastes like coffee. 
People will often tell you that coffee has a fruity zing, or floral aroma, that there was a hint of berry, or a note of stone fruit.

Most people, they just taste coffee!

This does present a problem though, how to distinguish between different blends, and origins.
An origin refers to the Country or region that a coffee comes from. At Tremors Coffee, I only sell single Origin coffees,
I believe that many people have put lots of work into each and every coffee, it would be a crime to mash them together, and 
lose any of the unique stand out characteristics of the individual bean.

Now this brings me to the problem. I may find one coffee mind blowing, but could not suggest it as "good coffee", the taster I 
am offering the coffee to may not like what I find appealing in this particular cup, and so come all the descriptive terms used in

Whilst many of them (Fruity, acidic, berry, floral) have been borrowed from wine, coffee is a far more complex beverage, and 
as such requires more descriptors to better inform the savvy coffee aficionado of the delights he will experience on trying a 
particular bean.

This leads me to the Tremors Coffee Glossary. I have tried to include all the descriptive terms I use in describing my coffees.
Most of them are easily apparent, some of them require a little bit of imagination and hopeful thinking, but in the end, I 
would like this small lexicon to help you better choose from the various exotic coffees that are available here from time to time.
This is by no means an exhaustive list, and nor is it of my own making: